Essay on How Smartphones Affect Our Social Lives

962 Words Nov 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Smartphones play a vital role in our daily social interactions. The importance of smartphones, in respect to our social lives, has been growing exponentially in the past decade. Long gone are the days that cellular devices were only capable of calling and sending or receiving text messages. In contrast with the past, cellular devices are now more capable than ever. Smartphones are now capable of instantly connecting the user to the web, social media, and capturing photos and videos. The aim of this research paper is to figure out exactly what forms of agency smart phones have in the interactions that was observed; as well as, how do they make a difference in these interactions? To begin with, I began my research by going into the field and observing people, unobtrusively, who were interacting with their smartphones. I observed people at Devonshire Mall for a duration of 40 minutes. I jotted everything that I noticed from small to significant that involved smartphone use down. I coded the most frequent patterns and wrote brief memo’s down that I felt was of significant importance to the research. Based on the memo’s and coding that I completed, smartphones had a severely negative impact on social interactions. Firstly, I found that people who were taking calls on their cellphone (walking and talking) were better aware of their surroundings than the people who were walking and texting. The people who were taking calls while talking instead of texting were able to focus on…

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