Essay on How Sleep Deprivation Affects Work Performance

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After searching many websites, I attempted to identify a couple of topics I can relate too. Several years ago I served as a police officer, so I know firsthand how sleep deprivation affects work performance. Long shifts with minimal time off, reduces an officer’s ability to function at high capacity. Levels of alertness and attention to details decrease. Problems at work and in the home begins to develop. It is overall the responsibility of every police department leadership to recognize, identify, and resolve police officer safety due to sleep deprivation.
New York City Police Department: Effects of officer sleep deprivation on work and family separation. Law enforcement work, is a growing concern exists over sleep problems related to shift work and the increased liability law enforcement agencies face. Wellness Units evaluated the impact of shift work on the sworn members of its department. Shift work can have varying effects on the environmental, familial, social, and work life of a police officer. Officers who work the night shift may have multiple court appearances scheduled throughout the day, which leaves little time for sleep, family life or social activity. Law enforcement agencies across the United States face the dilemma of sleep deprived officers working, while causing hardship to the family life. Many attempts, made to resolve the existing issues, which burden the agencies, officers and family. Unfortunately, there has not been a definitive resolution.

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