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How Slavery Was Undermined by a United Vision

Mr. Auld once said, “If you give a nigger an inch they will take an Ell. A nigger should know nothing but to obey his master—to do as he is told to do.” Slaves were strictly prohibited from learning or reading books because of the fear of them becoming “unmanageable” or becoming unfit to be a slave. Would you take the risk of reading if being caught meant being killed or brutally beaten? In other words, would you rebel for the pleasure of reading? Blacks and whites worked together to undermine slavery in various acts of resistance such as, slaves running away, individuals operating the Underground Railroad, and people resisting the color line. Lucretia Mott, William Lloyd Garrison, and Harriet
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Harriet Tubman repeatedly reminded people that she was just an ordinary person, and she believed that every single person could be doing the same job. “Harriet Tubman, 5 feet tall, some of her teeth missing, a veteran of countless secret missions piloting blacks out of slavery, was involved with John Brown and his plans.” Harriet Tubman was constantly working to free slaves, and she was united with many men and woman who envisioned the same goal, abolishing slavery. In 1854, Tubman’s journeys on the Underground Railroad included moving strictly by night, hiding in swamps or dense forests, making sure none of the runaways turned back, and using monetary bribes. When a slave wanted to turn back or go home, she would reveal her gun and give them two simplistic choices: “You’ll be free or die a slave!”. If slaves were to return to their masters they would be treacherously forced to reveal information about their journeys on the Underground Railroad, which would spoil the whole operation. Tubman wasn’t afraid to use money to bribe the corrupt officials. For example, at the Canadian border officials would “turn a blind eye” to the slaves who passed through in exchange for the large sum of

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