How School Helps Create Relationships Essay

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School is a very important topic in life and it teaches you what you need to know, but does it teach you what life can really bring, well school does teach the basic rules on how to start an adult life like, it helps create relationship skills, it makes students learn how to respect others, and teaches students how to become an everyday worker.

First, students can learn many valuable things from school, but one of the most important things they should learn is that the school helps create relationships. For example, “School helps [students] learn relationship skills, teaches you how to respect authority, helps you create relationship”(Does school really prepare students for adult life). During the years students attend high school they develop social and interacting skills with other and soon to become friends with new people, in an way the school has helped us create relationships not only with the people students meet in school, but later in the future as well. School in a way has made students develop social skills and how to communicate with others. Another example is, “When [students] bosses asks about [their] families, it gives [them] “slack” when there is a personal emergency, or praises workers for work a well done, don 't workers develop feelings of regard for this boss and want to do their best to please him or her”?(Chapter 1) Creating a relationship between adults and the boss is a great thing because, like in school, he is your teacher to help students like…

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