How Racism Affects The Indigenous Community Essays

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The 1997 Bringing Them Home National Inquiry discusses how the Australian Government has used regulations and policies to force Indigenous children away from their families. This essay will discuss how racism in Australia has impacted the Indigenous Community. It will discuss how the Indigenous Community have been subjected to the Social Darwinist theory, the ‘constructions of race’, Assimilation policies, the Child Removal policies and ‘institutional racism’.

The 1997 Bringing Them Home National Inquiry the Indigenous Community has been alienated by the regulations, policies and practices used to remove Indigenous children (Australian Human Rights Commission 1997). The impact of these processes is still felt on the generations today. Indigenous children were taken from places like their homes or schools, sometimes without their parent’s knowledge. Indigenous parents were subjected to threats and moral pressures where they had no choice about their children being taken away. Some parents put their children in a mission out of fear they would be taken further away. The report explains racism and the effects on the Indigenous Community.

The 1997 Bringing Them Home National Inquiry explains racism in Australia that the Indigenous Community has been subjected to since colonisation. It shows that racism is taught from what we see and hear around us. Racism, towards the Indigenous community, is shown on the television, in newspapers and on the radio around Australia (Australian…

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