How Race And Class Affects Your Financial Situation And Rise From Poverty

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INTRODUCTION Education is one of the best ways to improve your financial situation and rise from poverty. Through education, you learn necessary skills for going the workforce and becoming successful in the modern world. As well, you get the opportunity to expand your mind and explore ideas and concepts different from your own. People go to school to gain a job to make money to live a good life. We all grow up with the ideas of The American Dream, the idea that anything’s possible if you work hard, but in reality, it’s just not true. In the United States, we have a large disparity in the level of education our youth receives. Race and class both play a crucial role in this large inequality. There have been attempts to help solve this issue, but they have not been successful. Through this paper, we will explore how this social problem operates, how race and class contributes to it, and how we can take the steps to fix this education inequality.
Where you live determines where you go to school. The local property taxes fund the public schools (“Children in America’s Schools”). If you live in an affluent area, it is likely your public schools will be well funded, allowing for newer technologies, better maintained and newer facilities, and higher teacher salaries. Due to this, people are drawn to these areas where the school systems are good, thus increasing the funding as there are more people in the area willing to make sure the schools are meeting the…

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