How Project Management Has Affected Organizations Essay

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With the globalization in business today, there is a need for constant change. These changes are needed to catapult a business forward or to maintain its status quo. In project management, three key areas are necessary for a business to manage these changes. By exploring the areas of time management, scope management, and ensuring the needs of the customer are met, will provide the basic understanding of how project management has affected organizations. The examining of the phases of a project will provide a better understanding of how a project manager can help in managing the pace and the budget of the project. The management of time, scope, and customers’ needs along with an understanding of a project phases will provide a better understanding of the project management team has had on an organization. The impact that project management has had on organizations is much more than what is analyzed with in this paper, but this will provide you with a better understanding of the impact project management has had.
The Impact Project Management has within Organizations
As the global market becomes more and more competitive, origination big and small are looking at ways that they can cut costs or streamline their production time or the wait time for services. Project Management is instrumental in improving business efficiency, effectiveness, and success. Because by delivering a quality product on schedule, thru successful management of the project charter, and by focusing on…

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