Essay about How Practical Are Jesus Christ 's Teachings Today 's World

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“If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away” (5:29). How practical are Jesus Christ’s teachings in today’s world? As humans, we like to measure things in terms of what we can see. We measure our life by how much money we have acquired, how many friendships we have garnered and whether we are happy and satisfied with our life. Even in the case of love, while it is not immediately apparent where we are going, we have a vision of what that love will turn into. Faith on the other hand, is something we cannot see and a path, which we follow blindly through the world. While many of Jesus Christ’s teachings are widely accepted, there are a few of his teachings that are difficult to follow and to see in our society. Jesus speaks on the topic of anger. While I agree that anger can lead to hurt and ruin throughout or world, Jesus speaks on if you are upset with your brother or say, “you fool” you will be sent to Gehenna or the destination of the wicked. Jesus then transitions into his teachings on adultery. Adultery is a terrible sin and I agree that one should not enter into that type of relationship. However, Jesus teaches that even if you think about another women, you are committing adultery. That is too much of a punishment for a man who is faithful to his wife on all accounts. Finally, Jesus teaches about dependence on God. He teaches that you should not worry about your life, what you eat and drink and what you wear. While I agree with Jesus that as a…

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