Essay about How Political Opinions Are Changing Today?

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Political opinions are changing in Canada; many reasons can account for this, including regionalism. Regionalism can be used to explain regional differences and voter outcome, making it a powerful political tool in Canada. In this paper, regionalism will be described as an explanatory variable under the conditions of the “composition effect" and the “context effect,” building on the ideas of Cochrane and Perrella (2012). As well, the emergences of indifferent “regional political cultures” will be examined (Henderson and Ailsa 2004), and the context effect will be applied to voter dissatisfaction. Finally, the risk of regional diversity and multiculturalism being weakened will be considered. The composition effect will be looked at on its effect to dampen tensions with immigration and help Canada avoid the “Progressive’s Dilemma” (Banting 2010). The interpretation of regionalism is important for the understanding of its contribution to political power in Canada. Regionalism is a complex ideology, as it is dependent on the definition of region. Defining region has become a daunting task by many in the political science community. For this paper, Cochrane and Perrella’s (2012) definition of region “as the physical space surrounding an individual,” and regionalism “as an affective attachment to the people, places and institutions within a geographic area,” will be used. By defining in such a way, Cochrane and Perrella account for the possibility of change over time and…

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