How Physical Environment Influenced Our Group 's Decision Making

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1. As a group the 5 most immediate tasks we wanted to carry out was to overcome our psychological strain, meet the physiological needs such as food, shelter, and clothing, fulfill our personal pleasures, build a system to preserve the resources and learn new skills. These tasks were important because if one can deal with psychological strain and attend to psychological needs successful then the other tasks becomes easy since the person is emotionally and physically is strong.
2. Physical environment consists of external surroundings and conditions that occur naturally such as weather, land, but in this context behavior and skills portrayed by the people in the room. The physical environment influenced our group’s decision-making in coming up with a solution that affects everyone positively and not negatively. We had to make sure the decisions that we made were not biased towards anyone. The decisions had to be something that everyone can relate to and will not lead them to behave in a way that could be hurtful to others. It was equally important to me as well because negativity and inability to work together would result in an unbalanced society and that would cause the new system to fall apart before began.
3. I am willing to give up on all of the things that are not always necessary such as having too much clothes, depending too much on technology. I think I would prefer having clothes that are necessary instead of buying everything and try to save money. I would not mind…

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