How Personality Types Can Affect The Way I Work Essay

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This paper explores how certain personality types can affect the way I work not only in the workplace put out in society as well. The Jung typology test was taken for this discussion, which consists of 64 questions that gage how you respond to certain questions pertaining to your life. This personality test revealed my four-letter type and two-letter temperament. “There are 16 different combinations for each personality type that range from, The Duty Fulfiller to The Executive” (The Personality Page, n.d.). I will explore how these different personality types determine my success in my life now and in the future. Many people do not strive to be a leader or even think they can lead, but knowing how your personality benefits you and hinders you can help. Understanding how different personalities differ from person to person will answer many questions that others do not understand about organizational behavior. Learning to be a leader starts with knowing how to be a follower. All great leaders started out following someone or something. Keywords: four-letter type, two-letter temperament, organizational behavior

Project 1 Personality Type
Step 1 Meyers-Briggs Type
Extrovert Letter Type After taking the personality type test, I found out that I am 31% extrovert. Per “The Personality Page”, “there is a world inside ourselves, and a world outside ourselves. When we are dealing with the world outside of ourselves, we are ‘extroverting’. When we are inside our own minds,…

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