My Personality Of Being The Compliance Assistant Of A Person

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The questions that were answered to determine the personality that I hold concluded that I am what is referred to as an ISTJ. This type is considered to be Life’s Natural Organizer and contains the temperament of being geared towards a guardian that thrives on an inspector-like lifestyle. It is formulated by Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. These aspects are further explained based on the actions they represent. The following evaluates the personality that I possess based on research and my own personal experiences. Work life is particularly pertinent throughout the analysis as it is the basis for most of the individual experience that is mentioned. Weaknesses regarding my persona are discussed, as well. Lastly, the knowledge …show more content…
I must utilize my “thinking” personality to judge the activity I am viewing. It is the responsibility of everyone in the Compliance Department to evaluate the material in front of us to determine if there are any illegitimate actions taking place. Judgement calls are being made constantly so that time and resources are not wasted on legitimate conduct. As an ISTJ, I have a keen sense of wrong from right (Kroeger, Thuesen, Rutledge, 2002). This is particularly prevalent for this inspector-like personality when responsibilities arise and during areas of interest. My personality type is frustrated easily when others are inconsistent (BSM Consulting, 2015). I can definitely attest to that as I was formerly a Teller in the bank and my current position entails reviewing the work of the Tellers so it is difficult to understand how to perform their job but see them do so …show more content…
It takes all of the various personality combinations for the workplace to thrive. Regardless of the test results, every personality is significant and essential. Each of us has our own place and niche that needs our personality as much as we need it. Through the recognition that every individual has their own assets and liabilities to work through daily, it is easier to adjust and accept the differences in personalities that I experience.
This personality test has furthered my understanding of type of person that I am. I knew many of the attributes that I possessed but this research has allowed for that knowledge to deepen with the thorough examination of the factors that make up my temperament. I have been able to investigate and learn the why certain actions results in the reactions that they do. Through what I have learned, I now have a better ability to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, I can maximize the potential of my strong suits but also be more aware of the shortcomings so that I may adjust accordingly when need be (Fischer,

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