How People Perceive Differently Essay

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Many people perceive thoughts differently because they all have different view of the world. After reading the text, Communications in a Changing World, I learned how people can interpret things differently. There are steps of perception everyone goes through which includes interpretation, selection, and organization. As I showed a picture to three different people, they all had different words that described the picture and this explains how people perceive thoughts differently. Everyone in life has different views of the world because of their experiences and beliefs. People went through many obstacles in life which alters their belief system. Once their belief system has been constructed, they are in a habitual cycle which makes …show more content…
He came up with words such as "chilling", "sitting", "relaxing", "distracted", and "resting". Jimmy used most of the words that describes the person's action. He was not stereotypical at all. The second person I interviewed goes by the name of John. John however came up with words such as "black", "afro", "double-eye lids", and "old". John was being more stereotypical and described the person as if he belongs in a different family group. The third guy I interviewed goes by the name of David. David used words such as, "bum", "poverty", "frustration", "hilarious", "afro", and "guilty". He perceives that because the man in the picture is African American, he may be doing something harmful to the society as he mentioned the word "guilty". Also, he used the word "poverty" which may represent how he views African Americans as people who are poor. The words he also used was the word "bum" which indicates that David may feel that there are a lot of African Americans on the streets without homes. I do understand where David came from because he lived all of his life in Downtown Los Angeles. Media influences people to perceive differently about certain group of people in the world. As in Los Angeles, there is always a news about someone shooting in Downtown Los Angeles and most of the time the people who commit crimes are either Hispanic or African Americans. Just because the person is African American does not mean he

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