How Parents Influence Childhood Emotions Essay

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Emotions in childhood fall into two separate categories. These categories are learned and innate emotions. Learned emotions are those that are acquired through personal experience, or from continuous exposure to specific emotions. Innate emotions are emotions that are genetically inherited from the parents. Even though emotions are facilitated through reproduction and through exposure, there are also parental influences that can alter current emotions of a child. This characteristic occurs in all families regardless if it is a wanted change or not. Children are highly receptive to their surroundings and learn to adapt to them at an alarming rate. Along with learning new emotions or expressing the emotions they were born with, children also learn to regulate their emotions based on the influences from the parents. The parents of the children play a larger role than one may think in the emotional development of their children, which have a direct effect on the outcome of the child’s growth in the early stages of life, all the way through adulthood and death.

How Parents Influence Childhood Emotions
From the moment a child is born, they undergo stimulation that comes in the variety of sound, sight, touch, taste, and smell. Essentially, the senses in a child help to mold part of how they grow up and who they grow up to be in life. Senses are not the only things that help mold a child into an individual, though. There are many other factors that come into…

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