How Overpopulation Causes Numerous Problems Within The World Essay

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The world is small, compact, and overpopulated to the point of great destruction. As the birth rate increases, earth’s resources will continue to dwindle. The term “overpopulation” is described as a situation where the mass population has diminished resources and caused environmental issues. This results in the earth being unable to maintain the fundamental pieces for human survival. Also major problems start to develop within countries. The world starts to experience poverty, global warming and a crumbling fuel supply. This paper will review how overpopulation causes numerous problems within the world.
Overpopulation and Fuel Shortages
Rapid population growth has drained a number of natural resources. One of the largest consumed geological minerals is fossil fuels. These fuels are harnessed for numerous resources like energy and running transportation. Economic turmoil starts to become common amongst global powers when supplies start to be threatened. Nations start to lose stability and risk, environmental disasters. Many corporations become crippled without adequate transportation and fall into bankruptcy. Businesses that are unable to move cargo and, trade create the foundation for an economic meltdown. In addition, Xinhua News Agency (2013) stated, “That if the fuel shortage keeps growing, the sewage pumping stations in Gaza will completely stop working, and the entire Gaza Strip will be flooded with sewage water” (Para 1). This statement shows that the world is not…

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