How Of Conduct And Complete A Case Study Essay

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How to conduct and complete a case study

The aim of this paper is to understand the basics of how to conduct and complete a case study. This paper will define the principles of a case study and different types of applications. A case study is a method or investigation in a specific, in-depth event and study of one or more individuals, group, event or community that aims to bring a resolution to a situation or a problem (Crawford, 2016). Within a typical case study, data is gathered from a variety of sources and by using a variety of different methods, such as interviews and observations. A defined focus of a case study would be a scientific and empirical process, meaning it is an experimental systematic process which is not subject to personal and to group biases, and it can be applied to other situations. This also means it has its own best practices and operational procedures that are conducted in a proper manner. A case study is also an investigation, an investigation for the researchers who conduct case studies will have all the necessary talents, skills, analytical thinking, and creativeness to see beyond situations that are obvious to many and rely on their intuition and the tangible evidence. The intuition in a case study will correspond with qualitative analysis, with the interpretations of the human thought within a personal interview or observation, and the tangible evidence will correspond to quantitative data that a researcher chooses to use for a…

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