How Media Has A Powerful Influence On The Behavior And Development

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Media has a powerful influence on the behaviour and development of many characteristics present in our personalities due to the characters they have a habit of expressing and voicing. The trait perspective suggests distinguishing qualities or characteristics typically belong to one person and enduring physiological characteristics influence their behavior in particular domains . There are cardinal traits where an individual is specifically known for these traits and influence an individual in almost every aspect of life. Central traits are general characteristics that form the foundations of personality and secondary traits are related to attitudes/preferences which appear in certain situations or circumstances . Traits can describe people with certain personality types and predict behaviour in certain situations.
According to Freud’s Psychoanalysis, mental processes have three main parts: the conscious which contains all the information that a person is paying attention to; the pre conscious which contains all information outside of one’s attention but is readily available and the unconscious which contains feelings, thoughts, desires and memories that people have no awareness of . The unconscious mind develops a number of specific techniques called defense mechanisms to defend/protect itself against feelings arising from psychological conflicts . These unconscious methods are used by the ego for protection against unpleasant emotions however may be counterproductive if…

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