How Math Has Helped The World Essay

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Math has helped the world in many ways. Math is basically everywhere and is used for many things. It is part of your everyday life whether it is getting change back, paying taxes, or simply just moving an object. If you maybe be asking how math can be related to moving an object, it is very simple. Math is also used in Physics, which includes Work, Energy, and Power.
Work is the displacement of an object due to the amount of force it has while power is the amount of work done in a certain amount of time. Work and power can also relate to energy because in order for work to be done, there has to be energy, and power measures the rate of energy being transferred. Work, Power, and Energy can be mostly considered to be a cycle. Work is the transfer of Energy. Energy is the capacity of Work. Power is the rate of work.
Examples of Work The work equation might be written as: W=F*d. Where work is W, force is F, and distance is written as d. Work usually involves stored energy or potential energy to move something. For example, to pick up a book you are using energy stored inside of you to use force and move a certain object a distance. Your body does more work than you think.
“We do work even as we sleep. Forces causing displacement are happening everywhere under our skins. The human body is a busy place.” (Work, 2015)
The smallest things require work, even if you do not require much force. However, just because force is being used does not necessarily mean work is being done.…

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