How Manifest Destiny Change The Americas Essay

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How Manifest Destiny Change the Americas
In the nineteenth century, the average American believed in the popular slogan Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny was the belief that God had predestined the people of America to expand across the continent of North America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. In the eighteenth century, the belief in Manifest Destiny no only made a way for physical expansion but also political, social, and economic aspects of the early United States as well. The physical changes in the 1800s consisted of the geographical growth in which they tripled in size. Within the growth of the United States, the lifestyle of the average American would change in how they ran economically and how they viewed social problems.
The gain of land stated in the in the year of 1802 and ended about the 1860’s. It started with the Louisiana Purchase with the 3rd President Thomas Jefferson and ended with the 14th President Franklin Pierce with the Gadsden Purchase. (“The Louisiana Purchase”) (“Milestones: Gadsden Purchase”) With each gain of land it causes many problems for the American, the African Americans and the Native American already living in the lands.
The former President, Thomas Jefferson sent the future President, James Monroe to help Robert Livingston meet with French officials about denying the right to store goods in New Orleans. When Monroe arrives to meet with the France, the question was asked by Napoleon if the United States would like to…

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