Essay on How Management Information System Professionals

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The Discipline Investigation paper enables students to gain knowledge about the work they will be doing when they enter their careers, particularly how they will be using language. I am very keen on writing this paper, because it will enable me to find out how Management Information System professionals interact in a company on daily basis. My professor, classmates, and other faculty members on the LLD 100A portfolio group are my audiences for this paper. A discourse community is a group of people who share the same interest, career, or other commonality. Since I am majoring in Business Administration and concentrating in Management Information Systems (MIS), I am excited to join the MIS discourse community to develop my career. MIS professionals provide information about a company’s daily business relating to transactions. They also look over systems. The jobs can be Business Analyst, Database Administrator, or Systems Administrator. One of the most important jobs an MIS major can do is Project Manager. A Project Manager’s role in IT is to look at projects and plans and organize this information for a potential client. I believe I can expand my career opportunities by learning how to use MIS jargon in the appropriate way. My dream is to become a Developer. In the last four years, I have gained communication experience by working as a Sales Associate. Also, I have programming experience from building my website for my photography portfolio. I have also learned how to…

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