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  • Discipline Investigation Paper Example

    language. I am very keen on writing this paper, because it will enable me to find out how Management Information System professionals interact in a company on daily basis. My professor, classmates, and other faculty members on the LLD 100A portfolio group are my audiences for this paper. A discourse community is a group of people who share the same interest, career, or other commonality. Since I am majoring in Business Administration and concentrating in Management Information Systems (MIS), I am excited to join the MIS discourse community to develop my career. MIS professionals provide information about a company’s daily business relating to transactions. They also look over systems. The jobs can be Business Analyst, Database Administrator, or Systems Administrator. One of the most important jobs an MIS major can do is Project Manager. A Project Manager’s role in IT is to look at projects and plans and organize this information for a potential client. I believe I can expand my career opportunities by learning how to use MIS jargon in the appropriate way. My dream is to become a Developer. In the last four years, I have gained communication experience by working as a Sales Associate. Also, I have programming experience from building my website for my photography portfolio. I have also learned how to troubleshoot and setup computer desktops’ hardware and software. The MIS major is unique; we learn about how businesses run and also about technology. I chose this major…

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  • Essay On Orientation To College

    Everyone didn’t like to do their job, thanks to the professors of the course we were still able to get our assignments done. Team projects have shown me how to step up and be a leader. During the team projects I have learned how to work with others and meet them where they are at. The projects were a push and sort of a challenge, it was great to have the other classmates support and help with assignment. Orientation to College course have had a lot of great people come and present a lot of…

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  • Job Fair Reflection

    On Tuesday January 17 we had for the first half of class the Job fair simulation, which having just gotten home from the job fair was super helpful. The one on one time with my teachers from the program really aided me in my two interviews this weekend. I was able to visit four tables during this job fair simulation. I spoke with the Fort mac public board, which I had an interview this weekend at the job fair, it was super helpful in preparing me in for the interview I had, I also spoke with…

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  • Essay About My Job Fair

    After attending Northern Illinois University for a year and a half, this is the first time I have attended any of the fairs. I must say, that this experience opened my eyes to a lot of different things regarding my future career goals. In my paper, I will be discussing the fair that I attended, what I learned about job searching from this experience, how I will apply this experience to my future career goals, how this experience will shape my future internship and/or career path, and finally my…

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  • UNI Career Fair Job Analysis

    Prior to the UNI Career Fair, I did some research on the University website to try to figure out which booths I was interested in visiting. The Lutheran Services in Iowa booth wasn’t one that was particularly on my list. This company is a non-profit organization that helps people who are struggling to parent children with behavioral or mental health issues. I wasn’t exactly sure what Lutheran Services In Iowa was all about until I walked past their station, and saw words on a poster saying “help…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience To The Ring Of Fire

    Finally the day was Wednesday the 13th of August. I was so excited to be attending the Jackson County Fair with Ryan, my boyfriend, this year. But the one thing I wasn 't excited for was to ride The Ring Of Fire. This was the ride I gazed at from my house, three blocks away. Sixty feet high in the sky, round like a ferris wheel, passengers would sit in a caged style ride, that looped around clockwise and counterclockwise, and occasionally stops at the top. The fire engine red loop reminded…

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  • Uc Davis Relationship Fair Analysis

    “UC Davis Career and Internship Fair” This fall I started my journey with UC Davis. Davis is a really exciting, new and challenging chapter in my life. I moved from San Mateo, where I lived with my fiancée, to an apartment in Davis where I live on my own. Starting new school, and being surrounded by many new faces is not easy. I am not a person who can easily meet and connect with new people. UC Davis offers a lot of events for its students, some of them are very exciting like the…

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  • Codey Powell: Case Study

    He has helped me at the county fair, our 4-H banquet and he even checks on my dog when I am out of town for the weekend. I am thankful to have his help when it comes to these situations! According to Scales, Benson, Leffert, and Blyth (2000), self-esteem may be related to the act of helping others. This would explain what Codey believes to be his best asset: the ability to intellectually voice his opinion with reason when in a discussion. Codey is also passionate about helping others in…

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  • State Fair Narrative

    Nothing compares to the flamboyant peculiarity of fairs. These world-wide extravaganzas are among the most bizarre place in this world. Both State Fairs and County Fairs alike use their exotic foods, their new products, and their “cute” barn animals to draw in more people. Walking down the street, performers pop up every minute performing amazing feats of balance, agility, and magic. Even every once in awhile, a lucky guess at your age, weight, or birthday will amaze all the surrounding people.…

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  • Ffa Personal Statement

    My fellow officers and myself worked together to plan an exciting night to educate members of Section 20 about opportunities as well as teach leadership skills. I had the privilege to be the leader in my workshop where members participated in an activity which taught the participants the importance of communication and how to cope with obstacles that can arrive in FFA, school, and life. From holding these positions, I have also assisted at the State Fair by walking in the parade with other…

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