How Listening And Music Of Music Essay

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How to Listen to Music We all listen to music based on our separate capacities, this is different with each person. Listening to music means perceiving and understanding what happens in the music, you are listening in an active sort of way. The technique will be similar in each individual no matter what type of music they are listening to. They have so many different ways was to listen to music some start with listening to the first sentence or skipping through the song to listen inattentively. In writing this I’m going to show you there are other great ways to listen to music in sensuous plane, expressive plane and sheerly musical plane. The first stage of listening to music is the sensuous plane. This is when we listen to music simply just for pleasure. It does not require any thought process. It’s a way of listening to music subconsciously. When listening to music using your sensuous plane it 's not what it sounds like but how does it make you feel. According to “What to listen for in Music” the sensual plane is the level where you 're aware of the music, but you don 't listen enough to really make a judgement about it (Copland). It can even be background music. When you notice instrumentation or the quality of the sound, that 's the sensual plane. Most people never listen to music outside of this plane. The appeal of music at this level is self-evident. The sound element in music can be powerful and mysterious. Music lovers tend to only identify with this first plane…

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