How Language Has On Both Unifying And Isolating Two Worlds Essay

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. Many authors have discussed the impact language has on both unifying and isolating two worlds. Jhumpa Lahiri, author of " Trading Stories", discusses her use of books to connect her Indian and American life. Similarly, Nate Marshall, writer of "A Code Switch Memoir", observes the connection between art and the English language. Lastly, Gloria Anzaldua, writer of "How to Tame a Wild Tongue", includes her Chicano life into her teaching lessons.

Jhumpa Lahiri 's passion for reading and writing helped link her Indian and American heritage. Lahiri grew up with Indian parents in the United States. She read many books and wrote many stories that gave her a glimpse of American life. In fact, she states, "For me the act of reading was one of discovery in the most basic sense- the discovery of a culture that was foreign to my parents". Reading American books allowed her to enter a world that she knew nothing about because her parents were only able to teach her only their Indian ways.

Although Lahiri 's reading and writing connected her Indian and American heritage, it also isolated her from her parents. The books she read were private, they weren 't shared with her parents. She claims " For though they had created me, and reared me, and lived with me, day after day, I knew that I was a stranger to them, an American child". Because her parents only knew about their Indian culture and were not introduced to it through the use of language, they did not understand their…

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