How Jackson Created A Democracy Essay

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In 1828 after the previously heavily debated Election of 1824, Jackson took over the United States of America and made some of the most drastic changes this country has seen. In order to determine whether or not Jackson really created a democracy, one must look at the fine details of the things Jackson did throughout his terms. From the start of our country we judged and discriminated anyone who wasn’t a white landowning men and during Jackson’s time that did not change. Before Jackson’s presidency American leaders had created treaties with the Native Americans, but Jackson ignored those treaties and did what he wanted with the Indians. The Indians were not the only issue Jackson decided upon on his own, many other major changes that were made during this time were because Jackson decided to do it on his own no matter how the people felt about it. From an outsider’s point of view this type of government was amazing but when you took a closer view you realized it was quite the opposite. Even though many believe that Jackson created a democracy his actions in equality to people other than white landowning men, dealing with the Indians, and solving national problems on his own all showed that he was not running a democratic country, although he was leading the democratic party and outsiders believed he was running the most inspiring type of government.

From the time that the first settlers arrived in America, the idea that white men, particularly landowning men, were superior…

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