How Interactive Art Installations Encourage Audience Participation Through Co Authorship, Social Interaction And Play

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How Interactive Art Installations encourage audience participation through Co-authorship, Social Interaction and Play

As new technologies emerge, digital and interactive art is becoming more and more popular as more artists continue to explore and learn new ways to fully engage with an audience through different kinds of interactive art. The importance of the audience is a defining feature of interactive art as the artist is mainly concerned with how the audience behave and interact with their work as it’s usually the key for the work to deliver its message or achieve it’s objective. Interactive art installations have allowed the traditional notion of the audience being spectators to change as the audience can now become participants when they interact with a work as they often do more than just observe, blurring the boundaries between the audience and the artist and creating new ways to creatively interact.

“Interactivity allows different forms of navigating, assembling, or contributing to an artwork”

For interactive installation artists, it can be a challenge to design and create installation works that can fully engage with an audience so throughout the years, interactive installation artists have come up with new and different ways of interacting with an audience and encouraging the audience to voluntarily participate in their work. The aim of this essay is to find how interactive art installations encourage audience participation through co-authorship, social…

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