How Important It Is For A Teacher Essay

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Ron Clark talked a lot about how Important it is for a teacher to show how interested they are in the students and the subjects that they are teaching. He stated how when he was at his first school in North Carolina he witnessed teachers complaining about students the students were not interested in the curriculum the teachers were teaching. But he also witnessed the teachers not being interested in the curriculum they were teaching. Which is why the students didn 't not show that they were interested. Ron Clark also stated how you have to go for it and sometimes that means that you take a different path than those around you. He shows that to his students by having a giant slide run through his school.
Ron Clark also talks about how we should stop dumbing down education so that the students who are below level get it. But instead we need to expect more out of every students and push them to achieve as much as a gifted student. He stated the quote that “equal does not mean fair” which has come up a lot lately because in order for the students to be equal does not mean it is fair for all.
One strategy that Ron Clark talked about during his presentation that I want to implement in my classroom is to praise my kids off of their actions. Ron Clark used the examples about how he tells his students how he likes how they solved somethings. Another strategy that Ron Clark mentioned that I would like to use in my classroom is to take the blame. He stated how the most successful…

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