How Important Is Being Bilingual? Essay

1445 Words Nov 17th, 2014 6 Pages
How important is being bilingual? From birth almost everyone learns the language that their parents or relatives teaches to them, this allows them to communicate with the world. However, the confinement of only knowing one language can have its’ own issues and drawbacks. Every individual desires to speak and express themselves with no problem and what greater asset than knowing a second language? Speaking more than one language is an advantage for many professionals as the world becomes increasingly globalized. Learning a second language has become an essential. To learn a second language is becoming a necessity, as other languages are used in almost all areas of the working industry. People use different languages to explore different cultures, exercise their minds, and achieve better communication around the world. In addition learning another language considerably increases career prospects. Learning a new language opens one’s minds to different adventures that allow us to explore and further understand different cultural views. If one takes the time to understand and comprehend the culture and language from various people, one can comprehend that there is a larger world outside of one’s country, a world larger than could ever be imagined. Learning a new language could even be compared to having the ability to teleport, in the aspect that having a new language under one’s (figurative) belt facilitates the ability to travel. Another magnificent opportunity that comes…

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