How I Learned About Communication Essay

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Communication 150 was probably one of the classes that I have learned a lot from the most! I learned how to keep my relationships with my friends and family on the same level. I learned techniques on how to make communicating better. I learned about the I/YOU meaning, how this can help people stay on track and not get offended. I learned techniques that can help me at my work. I work with kids and every time there is a party, I need to talk in front of kids and parents. At first, I was scared because I would stutter and make mistakes. In this class, I learned

I learned from the professor about the I/YOU definition, meaning how persuasively a person can be without the other person getting offended. When using sentences such as “I feel like..” or “I see this as …” the other person can’t deny or persuade you to change your mind, as they cannot contradict you on your own feelings. When accusing the other person can be like “ You did this…” or “You said this..”. They can successfully contradict you as they know what they did or said. This has helped me a lot in persuasive essays and speeches as I can persuade the person with points that they cannot contradict without manipulation.

From books, I 've learned about listening skills and also verbal and nonverbal communication. These skills have taught me not only how to talk to someone but how to listen to those communicating. Communicating is not all about talking but also listening and understanding the conversation. It…

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