Essay on How I Improve Personal Communication Skills

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How to Improve Personal Communication Skill
Communication skill is a very important skill that everyone should have in today’s society. No matter is for communicate with friends, coworkers, or for business purpose, effective communication can enable a smooth operation of business and maintain good human relationship. However, no anyone can talk in front of public or write a smooth and imspiring proposal. Therefore, to improve personal communication skill is an ongoing learning process. The porpose of this article is to find out what assessment one could use to analyze personal and improve personal communication skill.
No matter the communication carried out verbally or non-verbaly, “effective communication only works when you know your purpose for presenting”(Sofield,2015). Baack (2012) also states, effective management communication process consistes for activities, access the communication environment, establish a message format, develop the message, authenticate the approach (Chapter 3.1). This could adapted as a framework of personal communication assessment.
Access the communiation environment includes the actions of analyze who is the intended audience, what is the intention of message, when the message will be sent and where the communication take place and how will the message be sent (Baack, 2012, Chapter 3.1). This is a complex work as mis-interpretate any of these factors could lead to fail of communication. For example, when a real estate agent deal with a…

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