How I Had Myself As A Person Essay

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“Young women are bombarded by images of perfection, which no human being can really achieve.” This was quoted by Emma Watson as she was trying to encourage young ladies to feel good about themselves. It basically sums up everything I didn’t have the courage to do for quite some time. The year 2010 was really tough for me. It was the year that not only changed my perspective of a normal life, but of how I saw myself as a person.
I started my sixth grade year like any other eleven year old did. New school year. New classes, faces, and teachers. I was always that quiet, shy, person. I had good grades, perfect attendance, and an average social life. For the first weeks of school, I had already gotten used to my classes, as well as making new friends. Everything just felt normal. On the third month of attending that middle school, I was seated in front of a boy and his friend at lunch. They seemed amiable and very social. We had a long talk and I came to think that we would be good friends. After constant friendly conversations, things began to change. He became a rude and ignorant person. I decided to distant myself from him, knowing I wouldn’t appreciate any sort of drama coming from him.
One day, he started to spread a rumor that I was obsessed with him. He would tell my peers, as well as teachers. He started to see me as an object, as his personal toy. I was told he would call me names. Fat. Ugly. Heavy. Repulsive. Many more. For the next two years, everything continued.…

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