Essay on How I Changed The World Health Organization

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Exciting story to draw in audience and transition as to why this sparked my interest in becoming a PA. Imagine waking up one morning and looking into the mirror only to see an unrecognizable, aged face. You are in a foreign house with strangers surrounding you. They insist that this is your home, and that they are your family. You have an entire history of memories, but today you cannot remember the day or even the year. This is how my great-grandmother described her journey with Alzheimer 's during a fleeting period of lucidness. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2050, there will be over 16 million people with Alzheimer’s disease – a disease that could possibly be prevented by a healthy diet and regular exercise.
How I was introduced to profession
I was first introduced to the profession by shadowing a family medicine PA in high school. It was here that I first admired PAs keenness for observation, work ethic, compassion, and drive to excel in each patient interaction. I appreciate that a PA has the opportunity to autonomously reach beyond the city borders and help the ever growing rural and medically underserved populations all while building a trusting relationship with a supervising physician and support staff. My most recent opportunities for observation of PAs occurred in a high-volume neurology/neurosurgery clinic as well as an internal medicine. I am enthralled with how these PAs have broached and dealt with sensitive subject matter while…

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