How I Changed My Life Essay

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When I was younger, my parents wished for me to be the definition of perfection; Unfortunately for them, I was and am anything but. Thankfully I was graced with parents that accepted me for me. However, they would always try to better me in any way. Throughout my life I have been pushed into academic activities, which frequently concludes with me forging a strong hatred or interest in the subject; there were no gray areas in my mind. English was odd, though; I was not able to determine whether I loved or loathed English. From as far back as I can remember, the pursuit to hone my reading and writing skills has followed me around my school as well as my own home. Throughout my limited experiences in life, I have developed a number of conflicting emotions in regards to the subject.
One of the more uplifting experiences I have had as a writer, begin with my 4th-grade teacher introduced poetry into my life. Poetry was a foreign idea in my mind; other than the stuff they had always fed us ranging from The Cat in the Hat to other obscure titles that echoed Seuss’s style. Most of Shenandoah Valley Elementary’s educators would dispense a writing assignment shortly after attempting spark inspiration among the class with whimsical rhymes. How I loathed the writing style, in the beginning, thinking to myself that there was absolutely no importance behind the weird and wacky rhymes; subsequent I came to recognize how much more thought was required in crafting poetry. Durning an early…

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