Essay about How I Changed My Life

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In life, people face many changes that impact their life in a different pathways. It can give you experiences and some of those experiences might not affect you so much but some of them can change your life very much that you could never thought of. Many changes that we observe regularly is people getting married, getting in an accident or losing someone who was very important to you. Just like that there were an event that changed my life completely was moving to USA. It was something that I was always dreaming about but never thought it will come true. Even though my father came to USA through my uncle’s sponsor. I heard that USA was land of fortunate because it has better education, social benefits and freedom for both religion and politics. I knew i will have a better life by getting good job if i could succeed on getting a good degree. When I came here I changed my life style tremendously both mentally and physically. in this essay i 'll talk about how moving to USA changed my life in a big time.
It was a sunny summer afternoon, I was playing cricket with some of my friends in a playground two blocks away from my house. The field was surrounded by large trees expect north side of the ground. The sun was still standing still top of my head. I was someone calling my name and it’s coming from the north side, when I looked that way I seen my brother running to me and screaming “Mom is calling you” with an excited voice. I threw my cricket bat away and started running…

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