How I Changed My Life Essay

1204 Words Nov 8th, 2015 5 Pages
Everything that we do in our life impacts and changes it either it’s our decisions, doing, or other people’s acts, one impacting moment that has changed my tremendously is learning how to talk. For most people learning how to talk changing their life as we use this skill everyday although it affected me more and I appreciate it more because couldn’t talk fully tell the age 6. I went o many doctors and none of them new why I couldn’t talk there was no logically reasoning for this event they just do that I couldn’t. Because I could not talk at all I would just cry all day and night. I was very little and dint have much understanding of what was going on and how this wasn’t normal. Although my parents and family did understand what was happening and it affected them every day and seconds of their life. As my mom and dad would try to help me so I didn’t cry but I no idea what I wanted because I couldn’t communication and this took less attention off my sister so she wasn’t getting us much notice as see would have wanted, although my sister would try very hard to help me too as she would hug me when I cried push me in my room swing. So therefore this was not only a changing moment in my life but it was a massive impacting moment in everyone’s life around me.

The next step for me in my life was to attend speech therapy, so I attended speech therapy every day in the morning at sick kid’s hospital, after going here for half a year they released that I was speech therapy…

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