A Narrative Essay About A Moment That Changed My Life

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Personal Narrative My life changed on August 14, 2007. That day I was in many different places, but the place I remember the most is by my phone, in the kitchen as I listened to my mom’s voice say my role model, my friend; my brother had been involved in a motorcycle accident, and was hospitalized in Iowa City. That day I will remember for the rest of my life because that day will always impact me. I learned that no matter what happens in life you have to appreciate every little moment you with everyone you have. I was the last one in my family that talked to my brother before the crash. He made me a promise that he would be back to spend some time with me. I received the phone call later that day, and found out my sister and I would have …show more content…
I cried, and I wanted to run back in that room as scream at my brother to just wake up. We spent the night in that waiting room, sleeping on awkward couches and recliners. I could hear families crying knowing the same thing that I did. They might lose their loved ones too. That is what frightened me the most, I didn’t want to be the next family that had to be told they lost your loved one, my brother.
As the days went by and school started for what would be my fourth grade year, I stayed in that hospital waiting for anything. We would talk about anything to get our minds off what was happening.
Tess walked into the room and cried, “Why does God do these things to great people.”
I replied,” God has a plan for everyone in our life and ourselves, we have to let his plan work, and we must go on.”
I would later realize that changed the whole outlook on the situation. I would visit my brother, and pray that he would be wake up and be my brother again. I hope I would never have to leave my brothers side.
I missed the first two weeks of school that year, and I would miss many more making trips to Iowa City. I would learn that my brother woke up as I was at school one day.
My dad came and picked me up from school and he announced,” Renn woke up today and we gotta go see him.”
“Are we leaving right away?” I asked happily hoping I would be able to talk to my

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