How Human Vices Are Destroying The Worlds Forests Essay

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How Human Vices Are Destroying the Worlds Forests
There are many environmental issues the world is currently facing-species extinction, global warming, deforestation, and pollution are just a few. Philip Cafaro argues in the book Environmental Virtue Ethics, that there are four main vices in society that lead to personal and environmental harm. The vices are gluttony, greed, apathy, and arrogance. One of the world’s major environmental destructions is deforestation; these four main vices are the cause of this problem.
The world’s forests are complex ecosystems that are rapidly being depleted. According to the World Wildlife Fund, forests make up thirty-one percent of the planet. The forests are responsible with providing the world’s oxygen supply, carbon removal, and consist of hundreds of endangered plants and animals. Some of the causes of deforestation are clear-cutting for agriculture, ranching, pollution, logging, and fire. Around fifty-eight meters of forest are lost in a year, that is the equivalent of thirty-six football fields worth of forest being cut down every minute. The Amazon forest is one of the world’s largest forests and has been heavily affected by deforestation. It covers 8 continents and makes up half of the worlds remaining forests. There are over 4 thousand rivers and 1 out of every 10 species in the world live in this forest (WWF 2015). The biggest threats of deforestation for the Amazon are cattle ranging, oil exploration/drilling, illegal logging,…

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