How Higher Learning Institutions Can Foster A Caring And Productive Campus Environment For Students

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Higher learning institutions have a responsibility of ensuring that students are being catered for as the latter face diverse challenges such as alcohol and substance abuse, among others within and outside the campuses. This can be done through creating a relatively comfortable environment that helps in resolving the challenges likely to arise. For instance, a lot of input in terms of resources such as facilities, skilled human resource, technology, space, inter alia is essential for any higher learning institution. In order for all these to work in tandem, the institutions need to have strategic plan for counseling and management programs that will formulate policies, rules and regulations that will, for instance, help alcohol and substance abusers among the students. Additionally, intervention programs within the institutions are needed to help in providing guidance and educate students on the effects of alcohol and substance. This essay will provide an analysis on how higher learning institutions can foster a caring and productive campus environment for students facing alcohol and substance abuse challenges through counseling and entrepreneurial programs.
Literature Review
(Dooris, Kelley & Trainer, 2004) examine whether strategic planning works in higher education and how higher learning institutions can use it to ensure there are established counseling programs within the campus. Planning has been the central point for most successful programs and that is why this…

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