How Have I Changed And Where Do I Go From Here? Essay

1133 Words Nov 24th, 2016 5 Pages
“How have I changed and where do I go from here?”
In May of 2015, I graduated Walters State Community College with an Associates of Science in Social Work. When I started at Walters State I was terrified, there was so many thought running through my head; I’m too old and would look silly going, but I shoved those thoughts out of my head and pushed forward. The day I walked across that stage for graduation, I told myself, “you can do anything if you want it bad enough,” and I have. I took a break from school to allow for my son to attend college, I couldn 't afford to pay tuition for the both of us, but the fall of 2016, I was able to enroll for my first semester at East Tennessee State University. When I shared the news of my plan of enrollment, I received a lot of negative feedback; comments such as, “you will be ready to retire by the time you graduate,” and “don’t you think you’re a little old for college now.” My first day on campus for my enrollment, those old emotions started creeping up again, making me think negative about myself; maybe I had made a mistake registering for school again, my age may hinder me, my work schedule may interfere, what if it 's too difficult and I fail, what will people think. I almost backed out of attending the first day, but I made myself try and think positive and I went. After my first class, I was so glad I didn’t back out and felt positive about the decision I made. East Tennessee State University is much different than a small…

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