How Has This Class? Essay

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• How has this class allowed you to think more openly?
In English 103 course, it definitely helps and gives me some abilities to analysis the questions and treat the same situation with different perspective.
First and foremost, I learn the correct way to use critical thinking to poetries, dramas, and short stories. For example, as I read the poetry, The Tips From My Father, I only feel that this poetry is positive because it seem that the father teach his son to be smart in the future. However, after I use another side to read this poetry again, I feel the deep meaning, which is the sorrow from the father. Since the father knows that his son will grow up and leave him to face the life along in the future. At the beginning of the poetry, the father teach his son to recognize the planets and stars, and the father also say, which this is clue which can help the son find the road to home, on other the hand, the father really hope his son can come to home as the son miss home and the father.
All in all, the class lets me enter the new margin to think more openly to each thing even myself.

• How has this class brought to light an important stage in your life that you have either met or failed to meet? The class does not only bring to light an important stage in my life, but also makes me reflect some necessary actions, which people need and cannot live without is including understanding and forgiveness.
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