How Has Divorce Changed The Way We Think? Essays

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How has divorce changed the way we think? Divorce causes ripples beyond the surface ones that we can see. The word divorce has become more commonly used in this era, which causes a dullness to its effects. The effects on men, women, and children vary, but the stresses associated with them are not easy to handle. Divorce is necessary in our society for a variety of reasons, but that does not mean it should be easy to get one. Couples should consider the financial burden a divorce causes, as well as the impact a divorce would have on their children. Over the last half century, the statistics for marriage and divorce have changed. About 40% to 50% of married couples in the United States divorce. The divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher (The Encyclopedia of Psychology, Vol. 1-8, 2000). The increase in the divorce rate has caused laws and stigmas to develop around divorce. The increase in divorce rates could cause a more streamlined process to be implemented whereby when a couple marries, they also agree to the conditions of a divorce, similar to a prenuptial agreement that is attached to the marriage process. Conversely, the divorce procedure could be lengthened, and the courts might require larger separation times before couples are allowed to get divorced. Regardless, the process of divorce is going to change based not only on the divorce rate but on shifts in the culture’s perception of marriage and divorce. Guillot (2012) noted that when it comes to…

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