How Gender Plays A Role Within Criminal Justice Essay

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The study by Keverline, S. A. (2003), gives insight on how gender plays a role in criminal justice. Typically, criminal justice is a predominately white male field. Yet, during the recent years criminal justice has expanded its professionalism to a variety of backgrounds including women. What makes this study distinguishable from the rest is that it primarily focuses on a single group. It would have been great to see this study or any other study also focus on other minority groups as well. Nevertheless, this study is distinct because it does focus on at least one minority group in the field. This study also helps to see how different all the statistics the previous sources stated are when it comes to women. For instance, this study is similar in the type of information it is seeking such as age and education but different in the results because it focuses solely on women. The methods this study used is Structural Equation Modeling, Interviews, and the Conceptual Model. These methods helped determine answers such as occupational barriers, tenure, job satisfaction, and commitment to their criminal justice career. This study is informative to women who are unsure or insecure in wanting to follow a path in criminal justice. The study is reliable because it uses not only one but multiple methods in researching women 's persistence in the field of law. The study by Courtright, K. E., & Mackey, D. A. (2004), examines which jobs criminal justice majors desire the most. What…

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