How Frantz Fanon Stressed That Colonization And Conquering Of A Culture Or Nation?

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Frantz Fanon stressed that colonization and conquering of a culture or nation would result in a return of violence. This idea is exhibited in history by the brutal decolonization of nations, like Algeria. While Greece was never colonized by another country, it was under the control of many different countries within a short period of time. The powers that inhabited Greece had contrasting political views, which in turn caused political conflict and bloodshed between Greek citizens. Economic instability that was prominent during these times, still persists currently. Political tensions in Greece began during the German-Italian occupation in 1941 when an Axis collaborationist puppet government exiled and replaced the Greek government. In response to the lack of Greek government the National Liberation Front (EAM) was formed and began to cooperate with the Greek Communist Party (KKE). In October of 1944 Greece was liberated from German-Italian occupation by the British. The Greek Communist Party had the opportunity to take control of the nation, but was instructed by the Soviet Union not to because it would create conflict within the Allied powers. The formerly exiled Greek government formed an alliance with the British occupants. During the Yalta Conference, post-World War II, the Allied powers divided spheres of influence of European countries between the Soviet Union and Western powers. Greece was divided 90/10, with Britain having the greatest percentage of influence.…

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