How Far Do You Agree with the View That Lady Bracknell Does Create Comedy in ‘the Importance of Being Earnest’? 

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How Far Do You Agree With The View That Lady Bracknell Does Create Comedy in ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’?
When deciding if a character creates comedy or not it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of their main attributes. For me, overall Lady Bracknell does create comedy so I agree with the view but as with anything else it is arguable. It is clear the her triviality, character inversion and Wilde’s use of stock character create comedy although it can be argued that she is nonsensical, used as a tool and only serves purpose as a parallel.
When dealing with Lady Bracknell it is important to realise that her intellectually farcical dialogue makes her character the quintessence of the book’s title; she creates ‘trivial
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Ultimately, suggesting that Lady Bracknell does create comedy in the play.
Another point to consider whilst exploring the viewpoint above is the use of Lady Bracknell as a stock character. She can often fall into the category of stupid empty-headed aristocrats or people who take themselves too seriously. The aristocrat category which she falls into throughout the play allows Wilde to satirise society. For instance, when she says Jack being found in a handbag seems ‘to display a contempt for the ordinary decencies of family life’. This statement creates comedy for several reasons; on the outer layer it may appear foolish because if you were found in a handbag it suggests that your family life was non-existent so to comment on the decencies of a life he has obviously never known creates humour. On the second layer, it is ironic that she comments on his family’s decencies when they find out he is her nephew by the end of the play. This creates humour by showing the often hypocritical nature of the aristocracy. They have there own set of rules and beliefs that they often judge others for yet it happens within there own families. This brings us on to the final and deepest layer the comment allows Wilde to satirise society by showing the aristocrats lack of depth and wrongly prized attributes. This may be funny to a Victorian audience but maybe not as

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