How Facebook Can Influence Good Interaction Between People, Or Place Their Security?

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Instagram is a social media app that provides a virtual online scrapbook that can be shared with followers. This is a free social networking site that allows anyone over the age of thirteen to create an account. People often post positive messages and inspiring photos on their personal accounts. Its simple design and easy to photo editing program allows users to share their awesome pictures, lives, and interact online. However, this tool is very easy to create a fake account and identity online. This app is simple enough to maneuver that it becomes an easy target for hackers, predators, or stalkers. Overall, the app can influence good interaction between people, or place their security in danger. Instagram opens up a world of networking possibilities. The app is the most interactive social media site according to Forrester Research. The market research company took 2,500 brands and advertised them on the top seven social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. The results were shocking. Instagram’s engagement ratio, compared to Facebook and Twitter, was sixty times greater than Facebook and one-hundred-forty times greater than Twitter. For example, “[A] Red Bull video accrued only 2,600 likes from its 43 million Facebook fans, but a whopping 36,000 likes from its mere 1.2 million Instagram followers” (Stokes TrackMaven). Companies and social groups that are looking to get noticed are leaning more towards Instagram for advertising. The app is also useful in…

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