Essay on How Ethics Should Be Used With Ethics

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TL;DR – Smart machines need to be used with ethics in mind or have ethics included as part of the design. The Gartner article “Create Smart Machines With Ethics in Their 'Minds '” (Buytendijk, & Andrews, 2015) examines how ethics should be included within the programming of smart machines. The article describes five levels of ethical programming. Level 0 is where ethics in not part of the programming of a device or software. The idea behind level 0 is the devices must perform as described, but do not have any real decision making programming required to operate. Some examples are database, programming languages, basic switches and other related items where the manufacturer does not look at how the product will be used by an enterprise or consumer. Level 1 is just a small step above level 0, since there is still not ethical programming being used in the device or smart machine, but requires ethical oversight. Analytics utilized with big data is an example of a level 1 item. The analytics do not guide the user, but the user could utilize the analytics in an unethical manner, which puts some of the ethical schema on the manufacturer. The manufacturer should include some suggestions on how to use the product along with potential policies to help keep the business or enterprise user from breaking any laws. Level 2 brings in the concept of ethical programming where the programming provides result to a request of a consumer. Application like virtual personal…

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