How Education Has Changed My Life Essay

877 Words Sep 28th, 2016 4 Pages
There are so many struggles I have experienced in my life. Some of them were easy to go through, others were challenging and hard, but still got through it. Some of the hardest struggles that I overcame with my family was literacy and poverty. Literacy is the ability to read or write. I was illiterate my childhood years until my country started developing to build schools, hospitals and etc. That’s when I started to read and to write the alphabets. Education has changed my life. It has given me knowledge and hope so I can achieve my aspirations in the future. If it wasn’t for education, I wouldn’t have been who I am today. Education is the key to success. It opens doors for people from different backgrounds. Without education, there’s no knowledge and knowledge is power. It is basically like building a house without a foundation.
I was born and raised in Ghana. Due to the struggles in poverty, my dad came to America for an opportunity, planning to achieve success (American dream) so we can have better life. My dad promised me that, he will one-day return and take us(family) to the United States if he succeeds. I prayed every day for my dad and had faith in him that he can do it.
Since my country(Ghana) was developing, we did not have enough facilities and resources in school. Resources such as library, books, computer, and electricity. We also did not have enough teachers in school that could teach us so we could gain knowledge. It was hard to learn. Due to that, I had to…

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