How Dysfunctional Families Can Make A Great Damage On Children 's Mental Health

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In this research paper, my main focus is on how dysfunctional families can make a great damage on children’s mental health. I am trying my best to find out if the main cause of why children develop mental problems because of not being around a well stabilized family. Children and their mental growth are very important as they are growing by. I will be focusing on the relationship of three things, which are parental substance abuse, domestic violence and parental mental health, on children’s mental health.
Parents with substance abuse are more likely to have children with mental health problems than are parents without substance abuse. Parents who are abusers of substances can make their children suffer emotionally. Researchers have demonstrated that what makes children having emotional problems are Low maternal mental health, family conflict, not living in a two-parent household, low family income, and unsafe neighborhood (Macie, Mello, Fossaluza, Nobrega, Cividanes, Mari, & Mello 2013, pg.165)The substances affect the lack of parents and children communication and love. Children many not understand why their parents are acting in this weird way, but this weird way is determine by the amount or alcohol of drugs in the bloodstreams, which will make to feel their children confuse and insecure. Children having parents with this kind of problem will feel not love because their parents do not have love enough to be able to stop the substances. This way of children way of…

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