Framing Of The Mass Media

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Do you really trust your news provider when it comes to displaying the most truthful and up to date facts and details during unfolding situations? News providers and the media, in general, can be very deceitful. With slanted and biased opinions, the mass media can affect how the public views important stories. These lies can help these media outlets make money and put the public view in their favor. The mainstream media lies to the public and slants truth to make money, by twisting the facts and creating outrageous stories, which results in the public changing their opinion on important daily issues.
When it comes down to it, there is one main reason why the media lies and twists the news to the public: money. One way the media makes money
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The first is the setting the news agenda. The news agenda molds what the common people view as important and worthy of being on the news. A second example is the framing of a story and how a story is viewed by the public. The definition of framing is when a story is shown in a certain way and sways the viewers’ feelings one way or another. Political issues are especially framed in today’s society. For example: If a media source is paid by and more or less owned by the republican party, that specific media source will frame any important and critical stories involving Republicans in a way to make republicans look better than democrats and other political parties. This example can have a huge impact on how a person views an important topic. The last effect is social desirability. Social desirability is when the public forms their opinions based off of what is most popular. According to on the topic of the mass media and the effects it has on the public, “Based on media agenda setting and media framing, most often a particular opinion gets repeated throughout various news mediums and social networking sites, until it creates a false vision where the perceived truth is actually very far away from the actual truth.” …show more content…
They will always lie to their benefit at the public’s expense. Using advertising, the media can make plenty of income, but a more effective way of making money is by selling blogging companies. The latter can make millions in the process and allow the buying company to become a more rich and powerful force in today’s media. Some of the most common ways the media deceits the public is by twisting the truth, creating a bigger story out of nothing with outrageous and crazy facts, and by headlining articles with interesting title to draw the viewer in and get the traffic they need. The media can also be corrupt because of the large corporations that own them and pay them what to show on TV and on the internet. All the lying that the media commits has several effects. They include: setting the news agenda, framing the news, and social desirability. All of these factors affect how one sees, interprets, and decides what is important to them when it comes to the news. As the mass media lies to the public to make money by twisting and slanting the truth, there can be multiple and important outcomes that can affect how the public receives the news of today. Next time you see a crazy story on the news, will you believe it and let the media spoon feed you lies, or will you see through the preposterous

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