How Does Religion Impact Society? Essay

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How Does Religion Impact Society?
Some of the biggest aspects of culture involve language, tradition, and religion. Religion hasn’t always been the controversial subject it is today; religion was once the “glue” of a community. Presently, studies have been conducted on the impact religion has on society. There are positive ones, for example, health and the family life, and negative comments also; religion has a mixed impact on our society.
Studies have shown that religion has an impact on the health of individuals. According to Dr. Walt Larimore, author of 10 Essentials of Highly Healthy People, between 1987 and 1995, more than 21,000 adults took part in a nationwide study. Those who attended a religious service more than once a week showed a seven-year longer life than those who never attended a service (Religious Faith Promotes…). Another study showed that weekly attendance of religious ceremonies were associated with 2 to 3 added years on a life. On this study, the amount of exercise and the consumption of cholesterol medicine were used as factors (Religion Improves Health). Referencing these two studies, some kind of religious ceremony involved in a person’s life will increase their life expectancy, while keeping an active and healthy life. Dr. Larimore also stated, "A study of 401 men… in 1989 showed lower blood pressure (and less hypertension) in those who considered religion very important and who attended church regularly." (Religious Faith Promotes…). Religion has a…

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