Essay about How Does Play Promote Brain Development

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In this weeks chapter we learn about cognitive development and the importance of play. Address the following questions fully, each question is worth a possible 5 points. See grading rubric in syllabus for more details. How does play promote brain development and how is play important to developing friendships?
The amount of skills you pick up from all the interacting and bonding with your child(ren) during infancy and their preschool years is the mapping of development. A huge reason playing is important is because that is the start of learning and having your parents teach you simple things that you will eventually use for you’r entire life. Simple things such as your baby smiling and how you give a positive response or later on when you’r child hit and how you give a negative response; these are both examples of engaging in play. Your child(ren) will learn cognitive thinking, motor and social skills along with playing with others. Playing develops connections between the brian and nerve cells specifically your fine and gross motor skills. When you start to try to eat by your self and you can pick of a single cherrio that is you using your fine motor skills, and when you are running and jumping your using your gross motor skills. Playing also teaches your child how to play with others through language development and social skills this helps children to communicate emotions, imaginations, thoughts, and to talk out problems.

Compare and contrast two social aspects of…

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